Asset Preservation & Restoration Services has preserved and maintained over 12,000 Arizona REO properties since August 1, 2008. Services provided have included:

  • Rekey * Periodic Interior Cleaning
  • Initial Trash-out * Periodic Yard Maintenance
  • Initial Interior Clean * Sprinkler Maintenance
  • Initial Exterior * Initial Pool Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning * Pool Maintenance
  • Flood Extraction/Dry-outs * Repairs

As an Arizona licensed General Contractor, Asset Preservation’s Vice President, Bruce Burr, manages all field operations. With over 35 years of construction and management experience, Bruce expects the best, i.e. all services are to be completed on time and to the highest of standards. The real estate brokers that have managed the 12,000 plus Arizona homes serviced will attest to our claim of being the “BEST”.

When you consider servicing 12,000 foreclosed homes, it stands to reason that some of these homes would have a flood at one point or another. It was this reality that led Asset Preservation into the flood, extraction and dry out services. Consequently, Asset Preservation & Restoration Services has been providing these dry out services since 2008.

Asset Preservation President, Rick Fisher, has over 40 years experience starting and/or managing service oriented businesses across the United States including, but not limited to, managing a Fortune 100 distribution center in Denver, Colorado that distributed over 100,000 different products and starting an electronic funds transfer company moving money through the Federal Reserve. As an Accredited Better Business Bureau “A” rated company, Asset Preservation & Restoration Services would be honored to serve you.