National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP)

Asset Preservation & Restoration Services is a proud member of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP).  Over the years we have been involved in many events and community projects in an effort to be a helping hand to the local communities.  In 2011 Asset Preservation was awarded the Community Outreach Member of the Year for restoring a baseball field for a local high school in one of the hardest hit minority neighborhoods in the foreclosure crisis in Arizona.  At the same time we sponsored the American Dream Run which helped generate donations in order to purchase 30 new pairs of track shoes for the track team.

NAHREP is the Voice for Hispanic Real Estate and proud champions of homeownership for the Hispanic community.  Homeownership is the symbol of the American Dream, the cornerstone of wealth creation and a stabilizing force for working families.  Their role as trusted advisors and passionate advocates is to help more Hispanic families achieve that American Dream in a sustainable way the empowers them for generations to come.

NAHREP Arizona Offers Support To Local School

The West Phoenix community of Maryvale is one of the hardest hit minority neighborhoods in the foreclosure crisis in Arizona. Maryvale is 90 percent Hispanic and low income. Like many other foreclosure communities, as the number of vacant homes increased, tax revenue fell and budget support for local schools like Trevor Brown High School dropped dramatically. Students are lacking basic supplies and services. Enter NAHREP Arizona with donations generated by its American Dream Run that are making a difference in the school’s sports program.

Members of the chapter learned of the school’s plight when members of its girls track team volunteered at their American Dream run last October. “None of the kids on the team had ever had a pair of new running shoes. Many of them do community service, get high grades and are getting scholarship offers. This just didn’t seem right,” says Gail Buck, the chapter’s immediate past president. The chapter purchased 28 bags of new seed for the school’s baseball field and pulled in sponsor partner Asset Preservation to help renovate the field. Then it bought 30 new pairs of shoes for the track team.

“It’s one thing to hear the foreclosure statistics, it’s another thing to see the impact on kids and their surroundings,” says Buck. The chapter is getting media attention and accolades for its community service efforts and plans to continue its support of the school. Kudos Gail, Grey Sehnert (2012 chapter president) & team!