Our Culture

Said to be one of the largest Regional Preservation and Maintenance providers in the country, Asset Preservation proves to be right on track as truly THE best.  With their acute awareness and acknowledge of the real estate and construction industries, the management of this award winning company step up to any challenge that presents itself.  In November of 2007 the real estate market began its downward trend leaving millions of homes vacant and abandoned.  Neighborhoods that once were flowing with hope and life were now on the verge of complete devaluation and destruction.  Bruce Burr, the vice president and founder of Asset Preservation and Restoration Services, saw the problem first hand.  Having been a National award winning custom home builder for nearly 16 years throughout the metro Phoenix market, building multi-million dollar homes, he saw the decline on its way.  As a member of his community he wanted to help restore the neighborhoods that were being over taken by unkempt foreclosed homes.

At the beginning of the crisis nobody really knew what to do with the five foot tall weeds and homes being gutted by vandals.  So Bruce decided to get involved and start contacting the realtors that had their sign out front.  He asked if he could cut the grass and trim the bushes for $50.  With his impeccable attention to detail, the homes had a complete makeover which stunned the realtor and even more, the neighbors.  “The last thing I wanted to see was the remaining neighbors taking the hit while the vacant homes sucked the values right out of them”. After one or two homes, other real estate brokers started to notice and hired him to do the same for their clients.  In January of 2009 Rick Fisher (President) joined Bruce and from there the rest is history.  Now, Asset Preservation and Restoration Services has service over 10,600 REO homes for banks and lending institutions throughout mostly Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and Washington State.

The Culture at Asset Preservation is to build solid relationships with not just our clients but with our employees too.  We don’t believe in sub-contracting out many things, we would much rather hire good wholesome employees and watch them grow by teaching them things they have never experienced before.

We truly do have a team spirit that works together and shares with each other.  We also realize that we are in a very unstable economy that has forced many men and women out of their career positions.  We have a wonderful opportunity to help build a bridge for these people and usher them to where they want to be.  We are proud to hire and set our employees up for success.

We have a process and procedure for everything.  We are very detail and systems driven with the only custom software designed specifically for the REO and Property Management industry.  With hundreds of thousands of dollars invested into this system we are capable of managing an unlimited number of housing units with a very small staff.  All of the crews in the field are run through a very military style training concept called “Crawl, Walk, and Run”.  We teach them the very basics of computer science and the operation of technical equipment.  We start off at a crawl and slowly day by day we get them to a walk and then they’re off and running in a week.  We use the same technic on driving a trailer, and using lawn equipment.  Finally we run them through the details of what the client wants and when they want it.  Fortunately, our system will guide them through a series of check lists at the end of each service performed to ensure that all requests have been noted and resolved.

We have an old adage in our offices, “If you look good, talk good, and smell good, you’re good!”  All of our excellent employees are firstly, drug tested, and then a very thorough background check is performed to detect any felony, domestic violence, or DUI activity.  These are not the people that fit the Asset Preservation profile.  We provide all of our staff health insurance benefits, uniforms for the field, ID badges for their safety, and new trailers completely stocked with every tool, machine, or gadget that they may need to be successful at their job.  We also pay them mileage so as to not burden them and their family.