Preservation & Maintenance Software

Asset Preservation & Restoration Services’ CEO, Rick Fisher, has an extensive background in software development, integrated data solutions and organizing the flow of business through numerous companies. With a team of programmers already assembled that Rick has worked with over the years, it stands to reason that Asset Preservation & Restoration Services would develop a fully integrated software solution to manage the preservation and maintenance of REO properties entrusted to their care. To develop a fully integrated software solution there are four aspects that must be addressed: software capabilities, data security, data integrity and data accessibility.

The custom software Asset Preservation & Restoration Services developed to meet the specific needs of managing the preservation and maintenance of REO properties was named “PM”.

Software Capabilities

  • Brokers can order services, and have access to all data and pictures specific to each of their houses 24/7
  • Order confirmations are automatically e-mailed to the brokers for their records, to confirm receipt of the order, and accuracy of the request.
  • Services ordered are then seamlessly scheduled without having to be reentered, eliminating data entry errors
  • Those same scheduled services are then managed through to completion and billing. This capability empowers Asset Preservation & Restoration Services to meet deadlines and verify the quality of the work completed meets Asset’s high standards.

  • All field personnel are linked to “PM” via mobile technology with Asset’s proprietary Android & iOS applications. The tasks assigned to each individual automatically display on their specific mobile device. Services ordered cannot be misplaced, misunderstood, or forgotten since each task has to be acknowledged as completed to come off that individual’s list of assigned tasks.
  • Completed tasks are then verified in the office using the date and time stamped pictures attached to each service ordered. Pictures are even marked with the geographical coordinates.
  • Billing is totally automated, resulting in accurate and timely invoicing. Even properties that close during the month are invoiced the day after Asset Preservation & Restoration Services receives notification of closing. Invoices are generated only after the services ordered are completed and verified.
  • All houses serviced by Asset Preservation & Restoration Services are inspected periodically.
  • Periodic maintenance is automatically scheduled to the crew assigned to each house. PM knows when the periodic can be scheduled, how it is to be billed and when the invoice is to be sent.
  • PM is a tool to assure all tasks are completed on time and to Asset’s high standards
  • All tasks are marked complete while the field personnel are still on-site, including the uploading of before and after pictures associated with each service ordered. Brokers are automatically e-mailed each time any initial service or repair is completed and verified. Pictures are automatically available with this email.
  • Brokers can look up the status of any service ordered 24/7 and view the pictures and any notes associated with each service ordered 24/7.
  • Remote access so all field personnel have access to their schedules on-line and can enter data, mark scheduled tasks as complete and upload pictures while still at the property. All field personnel can create special requests from the field for any additional issues needing to be addressed. eliminating handwritten notes that could be misplaced. The task is immediately included in the “closed loop flow of business”.

Data Security

Data security encompasses where the data is stored, firewalls protecting the data and data back-up protocol. Asset Preservation & Restoration Services relies on a Tier III Data Centers located in Tampa, FL ( to house Asset Preservation & Restoration Services’ redundant dedicated servers. WOW! Business provides redundant power and cooling along with simultaneous redundant internet services in an environmentally controlled and guarded facility that is monitored 24/7. Data security is also enhanced by running SQL servers using RAID technology. Two dedicated firewall servers are physically located between the internet and the servers storing the data and the servers are backed up daily. This is the ultimate in data security.

Data Integrity

Data integrity is dependent on software design, the hardware used to process the data, quality internet service reliability, quality of power, firewall protection from outside intruders and environmental control. PM is written around a myriad of checks and balances so the data is accurate. Hardware used to run PM at the data centers is true enterprise grade equipment featuring Hewlett Packard Servers. As indicated above, the Data Center provides every protection available to insure data integrity

Data Accessibilty

If you have great software, outstanding data integrity and unparalleled data security but cannot access the system, you have nothing; hence, data accessibility is also a concern. Asset Preservation & Restoration Services’ data is accessible 24/7. As Certified Tier III Data Center, any down time experienced is less than 1% per year and is almost totally planned down time in the middle of the night for various reasons. Since the Data Center provides redundant power and cooling along with simultaneous redundant internet services in an environmentally controlled guarded facility that is monitored 24/7, Asset Preservation & Restoration Services’ data is factually accessible 24/7.